6 ways to a happy Gut

Is Gut health really important? 

So yes, the gut is vitally important to our overall health. Keep it in balance and your wellness is on track.

 What makes a gut HAPPY?

Nutrition. Be honest, is your diet NOURISHING your body?  Some days I do great but other days not so much. We all know what we are supposed to eat but do we?  On the days when your nutrition is lacking you might consider a good quality meal replacement shake, mineral supplement or whole food supplement.  A multivitamin and mineral essence might also be in order.

Hydration. Drinking enough water is very important. And the quality of water is equally important.  What is enough water? I’m a big fan of the  “drink to your thirst” rule and not over-complicating it.  Our family chooses to drink spring water and we feel so much better since we made the switch from filtered tap water.

Essential Oils. There are many essential oils that support a healthy digestive tract.  Peppermint, ginger and DIGIZE are the top of the list.  Do your research, make sure you are choosing a quality essential oil. Remember, what you put ON your body, you put IN your body.   Our family chooses to use Young Living essential oils because of their seed to seal promise.

Probiotics.   We do so many things to deplete our gut of good bacteria. Like too much alcohol or sugar and frequent use of antibiotics. So, how do we replenish the good bacteria in our gut flora?  Probiotics, that’s how.  We take probiotics everyday at our house. Sometimes via supplement, sometimes via Kombucha tea or fermented foods (like sauerkraut or KimChi) 

Exercise. What? How can exercise improve your gut health? Simple. It improves motility (movement). When I was a pediatric nurse and we saw constipated kids, my employer the pediatrician instructed the parents to have the kids play outside everyday. (Yes, it was common that these kids rarely went outside to play). I personally have experienced a bowel obstruction after surgery. I’m convinced it was largely in part because I was wheel chair bound at the time.

Increase your Fiber. Yes, your mother was right.  We all need to poop every day. I said it. So, are you pooping everyday? If not, increase the fiber in your diet or consider a fiber supplement. Laxatives that stimulate a bowel movement are not a wise choice as they can make your digestive tract lazy, thus becoming dependent on laxatives.

 I hope you enjoyed this article on 6 ways to a happy gut.   Please visit our classes page for similar articles.  If you are on Facebook, check us out there at OILY ARMY Page.

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