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Looking into an aromatherapy home based business? I can help.

The business opportunity with Young Living essential oils if quite often overlooked. Why? Because the product is so phenomenal, people get so excited about the oils and do not realize they can change their financial future by simply sharing the oils with those you care about.

The tricky part about Network Marketing is finding a sponsor that is engaged in helping you grow your business. That is where Team Oily Army shines. I am 100% engaged in helping my business builders do just that BUILD A BUSINESS. I have a unique skill set. I came to the Young Living business with a medical background as a registered nurse of 20 years. Also, I have been an educator for 13 or those years. So, I have set up a series of classes and resources for my team (ALL FREE WHEN YOU JOIN WITH ME).  There is no need for you to re-invent the wheel.  I’ve even set up this website to work as a marketing tool for my members. They are able to have a working webpage within my site for FREE. Saving them hundreds of hours developing their own websites/blogs.

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How do you make money with Young living, EXACTLY?

This video explains it in very simple terms.

Share, Signup, Support.

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Want to join my team today? Start by becoming a wholesale member and be sure to contact me as soon as you signup and let me know you are interested in building a business so I can get you started right away.

Signing up is easy and I would love to help you get started. Please PM me or comment or
1. Go to
2. Choose member sign-up.
3. Choose Wholesale member.
4. Enter my # 1674098 in both the sponsor and enroller ID space.
5. Create your account.
6. Choose Premium Starter Kit.
7. Check out! Young Living will send you your kit and I will send a  Reference Book within 30 days!   Contact me  once you have ordered.

Why consider Young Living and network Marketing?

The network marketing model is fantastic.  I will admit I was skeptical at first, believing so many common myths about network marketing. But after reading THE FOUR YEAR CAREER, my mind changed (aka was blown).  Network marketing is a great model, where everyone starts at square one regardless of your experience or education. And everyone has the exact same potential to earn unbelievable amounts of money. It’s all about how hard you are willing to work. It’s rather simple to make it to the $500/month club in Network marketing. Casually sharing with your friends will get you there in a few months in most situations.  But for those who are willing to hunker down and give it 100%, you can literally have life altering income within 4 years. I spent 20 years devoting my life to delivering exceptional care as a registered nurse. I earned the same wage for the last 13 years of my career.  And when I retired in 2015 (thanks to Young Living) guess what RESIDUAL income I receive?  NOTHING.

Something had to give. I decided to give Network Marketing a try with a product I was already in love with: Young Living Oils.  What's holding you back?  Join today.

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