Breastfeeding and Essential Oils
A Lactation Consultants opinion

Hello there! Are you wondering about breastfeeding and essential oils?

My name is Liz Pevytoe, RN, IBCLC. I've been a registered nurse since 1995 and a international board certified lactation consultant since 2003.  I've been using essential oils with my family since 2014.

I made a video for my team and thought I would share it here to. I discuss the products I think every breastfeeding mom should look into while breastfeeding.

If you would prefer to read the material, scroll down to below the video for the transcribed information.

Transcript from the live recording:

Hey there. Liz Pevytoe here and, one of my team members asked me to hop onto an event that she's having right now, and give her team members some of my tips, as a lactation consultant, and to talk about some of my favorite young living products related to breastfeeding.   So, I decided to go ahead and do this live on my personal timeline because, I know that I have a lot of people that are on my team that would appreciate this information. I also have a lot of friends who are oily, that aren't on my team, that would appreciate this information.  Please feel free to share this information with anyone you feel would benefit from it.

I am just gonna tell you some breastfeeding tips, and some of my favorite Young Living products to help support a breastfeeding mom.   Okay so, if you don't know me, if you're ... everybody on my personal timeline knows me but, once I share this to the event page, a lot of you people don't know me, and if anybody shares this, you don't know me. My name is Liz, like I said before, and I have been a registered nurse for a long time. I think it's 23 years. Since 1995, what is that? 22 years. I've been a registered nurse for 22 years and I've been an international board certified lactation consultant since 2003 so, a very long time.   I've helped over 10,000 moms breastfeed and, I taught prenatal classes for 10 years. I did close my private practice and I have been retired for about two years now. So, all I do at this time is, I just help moms virtually. I'll answer questions online but, that's how I use my breastfeeding expertise at this time. So, that's to tell you that I am qualified to talk about this subject.  

Okay so, let's just jump right in on some of my very favorite Young Living products, that will support a mom in her breastfeeding journey. My number one favorite product that I personally like to gift a mom when they're breastfeeding, and the first thing that I tell a mom to use whenever they message me, and tell me that they're stressed out and they're having trouble with this, that, and the other, and that is Stress Away.   Let me ... Hold on, give me just one second. I'm going to turn this around to where things are not backward when you see them. Okay. Now, let me close this out. Hold on, stand by. Okay. So now, you'll see this and it's gonna be backwards to me, and I'm gonna have a little bit of problems because I don't do things backwards very well but Stress Away essential oil by Young Living, is an amazing, amazing oil for new moms, and for anybody who's stressed out. So, let me give you my little blurb here.   Don't try to go buy a cheap oil at your local store. Most of those oils are gonna tell you that they're for aromatic use only and if you get them in contact with your skin, you're supposed to wash your skin for like, 20 minutes. That's not a pure essential oil. If it says, "You have to wash your skin for 20 minutes after it's come in contact with your skin", it's not a good oil. Guys, a good quality essential oil should be absolutely fine to put on your skin so, don't go buy crappy oil. In fact, let me just give you this disclaimer.   Number one, I am not a doctor. These are just my observations that I've made so, this is not medical advice. If you have a medical question, ask your care provider. Number two, don't take any of what I say, and go buy a cheap product somewhere. I don't want to take that liability and I can't make any promises if you go buy a subpar product. The stories that I'm telling you and the testimonials that I'm giving you are related to Young Living products only. Okay so, there's my little blurb and disclaimer.

So, back to Stress Away oil.   Stress Away oil helps balance what needs balancing. So, a lot of times, right after the delivery of a baby, our adrenaline will drop. That's why we kind of feel jittery or shaky, and we can't sleep. It's your body's way of giving you the energy to deliver your child, and the energy to make it through those first couple post partum days. Whether you deliver vaginally or you deliver via c-section, most of the time, we do have an adrenaline dump.   So, this will help to balance out those hormones. Like, instead of you having so much adrenaline, it's going to help you release that oxytocin, help you release the serotonin, the happy hormones, the hormones that will help you feel better. Okay? So, this is my tip. Moms are like, "I'm so tired, I keep forgetting to use my Stress Away oil. What do you do?" You keep your Stress Away right next to your bottle of water. Okay? Because, we're very thirsty when we're breastfeeding and after delivering. We're drinking that water all day long, so keep your oil right next to your water, and put your roller fitment on your Stress Away, and every time you take a drink, or every time you feel the need, that you want to use your Stress Away, just roll it on and inhale it a couple times.   I actually have Magnify Your Purpose on. Smells so good. Love it, love it, love it.  Okay. So yeah, use your Stress Away, okay guys? And, it comes in the premium starter kit so, it's so awesome. So, while we're talking on the topic of water, use your vitality oils. I like the citrus oils for vitality, oils to put in the water. Make sure you're using a glass water bottle or a stainless steel. Don't put it in a paper cup or a plastic cup. But, pick your favorite citrus oil. It's going to do double duty for you.   Number one, it's gonna help you drink more water because it's gonna taste delicious. My favorite is grapefruit. I love orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lime, lemon. I love them all but grapefruit's my absolute favorite. So, put one or two drops in a big bottle of water. It's gonna help you drink more. It's also gonna help your body ... it's not gonna detox but, it's gonna help support your liver, it helps support your body's naturally cleansing process that happens after you deliver a baby. It's not a detox, it's not like a heavy cleanse. You're not gonna be pooping all the time but, most of us, if you deliver in a hospital, you received quite a bit of medication so, those citrus oils are gonna help you get rid of it. You know, process it. Help your liver do what it's supposed to do, and process those medications.   So again, definitely not a detox but, just help support your body's natural cleansing abilities. There it goes. It took me a second to get that out. So, citrus oils. The next one that I love for moms ... making sure that you are taking your prenatal vitamin.

In addition to prenatal vitamin, a great supplement to consider is, MultiGreens. Unless you are getting three plus cups of deep dark greens per day, like kale, broccoli, spinach, you know, really good, deep dark greens, you need to consider using MultiGreens. MultiGreens will help to oxygenate and nourish your cells, which help you process your nutrients. So, it will just make you feel like you have more energy. Okay? So, MultiGreens. Look it up, if you haven't ... See? I'm having a hard time going backwards. If you haven't looked at it yet, and you are a member of Young Living, just log into the virtual office, or go to, tap in MultiGreens, it'll tell you exactly what's in it, and everything.   Guys, everybody needs to be on this, seriously, if you're human. Unless you are drinking green smoothies and eating a huge salad everyday, this is a great supplement for everybody, but especially new moms. Another supplement that's really great is, our NingXia Red supplement. There's not another supplement like this out there in the world. The NingXia territory in China has their wolf berry, which also known as goji berries. It is the highest antioxidant fruit in the world. What antioxidants do, is help to clean the sludge off our our cells so that nutrients can get in. Kind of like MultiGreens do but, in a better way.   This is really gonna help boost your energy levels because, it's gonna help get the nutrients into your cells. Guys, this is like, "Must have", after delivering a baby.

Then, NingXia Nitro is an option, and NingXia Zing is an option, if you're wanting to spice things up. NingXia Zing is a carbonated version. NingXia Nitro has some naturally occurring caffeine so, I've read differing estimations on it. Because it's naturally occurring from tea, they can't put an exact amount on but, I've head somewhere around the 40 milligram area. That's about how much is in these.   If you can't do caffeine, don't do the NingXia Nitro. But, 40 milligrams is well below the 200 milligrams a day recommendation while you're breastfeeding. I have lots of moms on my team who use this, and that are breastfeeding, and they love it. Love it, love it.

Okay so next, let's talk about muscle aches and pains. Let me talk about what oils not to use so, peppermint and sage oils can reduce your milk supply. A lot of moms can use it with no impact on their milk supply but, some moms are gonna experience extreme drop in milk supply.   I had one mom on my team who diffused peppermint for her kids, and experienced a reduction in milk supply. So, she didn't even apply it to herself. So, it's one of those things, as a lactation consultant, that I say, "It's not worth the risk to anybody." So, I just say, "Don't even try it, until your milk supply is very, very well established. Like, three to six months, and maybe try some peppermint." So, it's just not worth the risk. It may be okay for you, it may not be. I don't want to be the one that says, "Oh, give it a try." And then you lose your milk supply. That would not be cool.   A lot of our oils that are used for muscle aches and pains, like our Cool Azul Pain Cream, it has peppermint in it so, we can't use those products. Because, even our Ortho Ease, Ortho Sport, Deep Relief, Aroma Siez, all the things have peppermint in it so, we can't use that but, in place of peppermint, some oils ... I don't have them all here with me. Coriander can be used in this situation, basil. Another one that you can try to use is Stress Away. Seriously, rub it on your shoulders. You know, rub it wherever you're feeling fatigued. Use your lavender hand and body lotion as a base, and then put a drop of basil in there, or coriander. Copaiba is another really good good one for occasional you know, just discomfort with breastfeeding.   So, use this as a base.  Also, lavender you know, is gonna help you rest, and get a good restful nights sleep. Maybe put this on your baby too. Because lavender is amazing to help you rest.

Lastly, I want to talk for just a second about diffusing. I've got my diffuser over here. That's so weird to go backwards. Okay. Diffuse your very favorite smelling oil, as long as it doesn't have peppermint in it. So, one of the ones moms really like are, the citrus oils. Citrus oils are great for stabilizing mood. So, put some of your orange in your diffuser or lemon, lime, whatever you like. Like, whatever you're drawn to and you love the smell of. Put it in there.   Some other ones that are really great to diffuse after deliver is, Joy Oil. My personal favorite to diffuse, which I've got in there right now, is Sacred Mountain. Oh my gosh, this stuff. If you haven't tried this, get on it. Seriously, Sacred Mountain, and there's not anything like this on the market anywhere. Young Living, this is it guys. Don't try to get a cheap imitation of Sacred Mountain because, it just can't be done. Another one would be Frankincense. Frankincense is great for stabilizing mood so, you can apply that to your face lotion, you can put it in your diffuser, whatever.  

That's all the tips I have for today. Oh, I have one more tip that is probably the most important tip. Duh. I'm glad I wrote my notes down here. That is, the best tip I could ever give you, is to know a lactation consultant. Ask your care provider to refer you to a local lactation consultant that you can call, or that you can do a visit with if you ever have a breastfeeding problem. Knowing an expert, and being able to ask an expert a breastfeeding question, is pivotal to your breastfeeding success. Just having somebody that can be your cheerleader and can answer your questions quickly, is absolutely great.   Can I just call you? I closed my practice two years ago but, what I ... Let me tell you. One of the reasons I closed my practice is, because I was getting phone calls like 22 hours a day. Like, when somebody feels like they're having a breastfeeding emergency, they will call you at two o'clock in the morning. So, I don't answer breastfeeding calls on my phone but, what I do, do is, I do answer breastfeeding questions via PM so, on Facebook, private message, that way I can just check it whenever I can. For my oily army team members only. So, I don't do it for the general public because, I'm very busy with my network marketing company but, I do give my time to my team members so, if you're on my team and you have a breastfeeding question, I will gladly answer your breastfeeding question via private message but, don't be surprised if I tell you, "you need to see a local lactation consultant." Because, things like latch, or nipple injury, I can't fix over the private message and so, yeah, you're gonna need to be able to see a lactation consultant in person for a lot of things so, I'm not just blowing you off. I want you to get the best help you can.  

So lastly, if you are not currently using oils and you would like more information about using oils on yourself, or on your baby, then comment down below or private message me. I'll be glad to hook you up with one of my online classes. So. you can learn more about using essential oils. Okay? Or, contact the person who shared this video with you and they'll be happy to share that information with you as well. Okay guys. I hope you enjoyed my tips. I'm gonna go ahead and log off so, this video isn't too long but, if you have a question for me, just put it down in the comments or private message me. Thanks. Bye bye.  

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