Young Living Business Failure

It is April 24th, 2017 and today I feel like a Young Living business failure. Let me explain.

In February of 2014, I joined Young Living essential oils because I was having some significant wellness challenges. I was at my wits end and desperate for relief.  I was also a burned out nurse and I was not opposed to sharing about the products IF THEY WORKED, to help augment our families income.

Within days, I was feeling better, DAYS. I began sharing casually at work. I went to a seminar on my birthday April 29, 2014 and I officially launched my business the next day by teaching my first online oils class. 9 months later I turned in my notice as a registered nurse to work my Young Living business full time. Because my Young Living income had replaced my part time nursing income.

Fast forward to now. It's 2017 and I have 800 people on my team. That is great but I am earning close to the same amount I was earning 2 years ago. No increase.

My dad passed away on February 20th, leaving debt. No provision for the funeral or care for my mom once he was gone.  These additional expenses coupled with the fact that I have not increased my income,  have left me with no choice other than I cannot go to the Young Living convention in June.  Thus loser status.  I feel like I am letting my team down and my dreams down.

Why could I not make upranking happen? Why am I stuck at a certain income per month? Why do I feel like a business failure?  I don't know.  I wanted to "journal" this here so that if I ever do see the other side of this mountain, I can read it to someone. Maybe one day this trial will help someone. Right now, it feels like nothing but pain.

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