What is the cost of health?

What if I said the cost of health was $160.  $160 may seem like a lot of money but lets think about it:

A haircut, highlights, style
A a new purse
The fee for a sports class
2 months at the gym
A new phone
A new outfit
Date night and paying a babysitter
A cricut machine
Starbucks 4 times a week for 2 months
4 mani/pedi’s
The cost of a doctors visit and prescription
And yup, you guessed it, A premium starter kit from Young Living.

It’s all about value, we find the money for what we deem worthy/important.

$160 is a lot of money but back when I purchased my essential oils starter kit I was desperate to feel better. So, $160 was totally worth it. I attached value to the $160 and hope. Hope that there was an answer for my desperation.

Don’t wait till you are desperate.

Don’t wait till your baby has his 4th ear infection to consider supporting his immune system.

Don’t wait until you have zero energy to start supporting your endocrine system.

Don’t wait until your eczema is out of control to change your personal care products.

Don’t wait until your migraines are out of control or that cough just won’t go away to rid your home of candles or plug ins.

Don’t wait until your acne is out of control to support healthy skin and hormones.

Just don’t wait.

Use this kit as a tool to keep from ever being desperate again.

And let me be your advocate to figuring all this out. It’s my passion, my purpose to empower others to be the healthiest version of themselves possible.

Today is the day to stop waiting.  Let's connect so I can help you get started today.  I am a registered nurse and do free wellness consultations with all my new members to help them make a wellness plan specifically targeted to their needs.

Time to decide:

So now you have two choices:

Connect with me so we can chat.

Order your Premium Starter Kit as a member and I will contact you asap to set up your wellness consultation.

Either way, WELCOME!

About me: I'm Liz Pevytoe, RN, IBCLC.  I've been a registered nurse since 1995 and a lactation consultant since 2003. I retired from nursing in 2015 to help people find true health. I'm married to a firefighter/paramedic and we have two homeschooled daughters.  We live in a town outside Fort Worth, Texas.

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