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by Dayna

Hello I’m Dayna from !

I am a happy member of Team Oily ARMY and enjoy using oils and helping my friends and family learn to use them too! I'm currently an executive rank with Young Living.

How did I get oily? And how to I know Liz?!

My little one, Abbey, got a stomach bug in March 2014. She woke up one evening throwing up and I texted Liz (as a friend stressing out to another friend - who just happens to be my lactation consultant!) “Abbey has her first stomach bug! I can’t believe she won’t even keep down breastmilk!” Liz told me to send my hubby to get some peppermint oil for Abbey and some thieves oil for the rest of us to put on our feet so we wouldn’t catch it. I said “no thanks!” and sent Michael to get some Pedialite! Thirty minutes later Abbey threw up again after nursing and I told my hubby “GO NOW! Get the crazy oils from Liz!” He wasn’t sure what he was going to get and I wasn’t sure what he would bring back but we had to try something! Even if she had a 24 hr bug I didn’t want to be changing sheets and clothes all night long! Hubby came home and rubbed diluted peppermint oil on Abbey’s tummy and thieves on our feet. (He had to apply the peppermint oil because it can dry up my supply. My supply actually decreased by the end of the next day after applying the oils to Abbey just for me inhaling when I would hold Abbey!). So that night Abbey woke up every hour or so and hubby would apply the oil, then I would nurse her, and we would go back to sleep. The next morning Abbey hadn’t thrown up in 12 hours so I thought, “oh! It was just something Abbey ate yesterday that upset her tummy!” And I didn’t wake hubby to apply the peppermint and I just nursed her without it. Before she even finished nursing one side she threw up. It was then that I thought…hum…maaaaaybe just maaaaybe the oil helped. So I woke Michael, he put more oil on her tummy, and I nursed her again and she kept it down. We applied the oil all weekend before every feeding and every meal and she never threw up again. We also kept applying thieves on our feet all weekend and none of us got the bug. A few weeks later Abbey was constipated and I wondered if the peppermint oil would help her tummy again, so I grabbed some gloves, and rubbed some on her tummy. Within 20 minutes she had a bm. The explosive kind. Anyways! That was when I really wanted to start learning more about oils, my mom and I went to a class with Liz, and I ordered my Premium Starter Kit.
Are you ready to order now?

Signing up is easy and I would love to help you get started. Feel free to email me for help or
1. Go to
2. Choose member sign-up.
3. Choose Wholesale member.
4. Enter my #1727899 in both the sponsor and enroller ID space.
5. Create your account.
6. Choose Premium Starter Kit.
7. Check out! Young Living will send you your kit and I will send a Reference Book within 30 days! Contact me once you have ordered.

(Wondering WHY I told Liz “No thanks” for the peppermint oil at first?!? Well, because in a desperate attempt to help my baby start sleeping through the night, I bought some off-brand lavender oil. It gave her a rash covering her chest and back. So I had definitely decided No. More. Oils. EVER. I had no idea that there are different grades of essential oils! I most likely had bought a perfume lavender oil and the synthetic additives gave Abbey a rash – not the lavender itself. After using Young Living Essential Oils for over a year, I can happily say that my little ones have never had a rash. Most likely because Young Living Seed to Seal rocks!)

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