Essential Oil Shop

Looking for supplies for your essential oils? I've put together an essential oil shop with all my top favorite products.

Let's start with rollerballs for essential oils.  When you buy a quality essential oil product, you will discover that you can dilute it with a carrier oil (see below) and it will work just as well as undiltued, in most cases.

Spray bottles for essential oils are helpful too. Remember to use a glass or stainless spray bottle if you are going to be using any citrus oil. Plastic spray bottles are fine for non citrus oils.

Sample bottles for essential oils are necessary for all oily users. Why? So you can share your amazing oils with your friends. Sharing is caring.

Water Bottles

I love drinking essential oils in my water. One of the reasons I chose Young Living oils is that they are approved for supplemental use (ingestion). Not all oils have this approval so be sure to check your label before ingesting.  If your bottle says "for external use only" DO NOT INGEST.

Essential Oil Jewelry

Looking for essential oil jewelry, like a diffuser necklace or essential oil bracelet?

Carrier OIls

Carrier oils for essential oils can be any fatty oil. You can use carrier oils to make rollerballs or simply dilute an oil for usage. And they are great to keep handy if you ever accidentally get an essential oil in your eye, OUCH.

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