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This is a testimonial from OIly Army Team member Ashleigh Campbell and how she used essential oils to boost her breast milk supply.

180 minutes a day, 7 days a week, every day for over 6 months. That’s how long it took me to store up the 5,000+ oz of breast milk in my 7 cubic foot deep freezer. As a working mom, I worked very hard to strategically increase my milk supply over my maternity leave so that my son would have enough breast milk to remain a strictly breast baby as long as possible! I was introduced to essential oils and how they can be used in a multitude of ways around the time that I had my freezer ¾ full. Eventually, I completely filled that deep freezer with nothing but breast milk! I was finally at a point where I was comfortable with our milk supply and knew that whenever I decided to stop nursing, my baby would have AT LEAST another 6 months or more’s worth of breast milk! Then…catastrophe struck! I went to the deep freezer to pull some milk to take to my mom’s the next day since I had to work, opened the deep freezer, and noticed my once full freezer was half empty! Then I went to pick up a bag of breast milk, and it was warm! We had had a storm a week back and lost power and neither my husband nor I had gone to the garage to check and make sure the deep freezer was back on after the power outage. 5,000 oz of liquid gold, gone. 32,400 hours of determination and sacrifice staring me in the face that I now had to throw away! Instant panic overtook me as I realized I no longer had a bank of breast milk to send with my baby! 

                Fast forward past multiple middle of the floor crying sessions and phone calls to my mom and husband and Liz (our amazing upline) and let’s get to how we solved the problem! (Since that’s why most of you are reading anyways)! Liz very eagerly gave me information on different oils to help increase milk supply, and I ordered Fennel and Basil and began eating my weight in oatmeal cookies and taking Mother’s milk supplements! Thankfully I had strategically placed a days’ worth of milk in my indoor freezer (for the days I just didn’t feel like walking to the garage), and also had an emergency stash at my mom’s house, so my son didn’t have to get formula after this devastating event!



I made up two roller balls, one with Fennel and another with Basil. You could combine them into one roller bottle, but they recommend not using Fennel for more than 10 consecutive days at a time and I wanted to be able to keep using the oils continuously until my supply was adequate! Basil you can use as much as you want for as long as you want! So I began applying fennel to my breasts every 4 hours, waiting two hours, and then applying the basil in between fennel applications. I also began pumping every 3 hours while at work instead of every 4-5 and began pumping in between nursing sessions when at home.  It was very slow going at first. The first day I only had 5 ounces to freeze from the whole day (which was less than one feedings worth)! But by the end of the 10 days when I had to stop using the fennel, I was back to having approximately 12 ounces of breast milk to freeze at the end of each day (which was enough for 2 feedings).  I continued with the basil and then after a week or so of not using fennel, did another run of fennel and my supply continued to slowly increase as I kept up with my rigorous routine! It was amazing to me to see how well the oils aided the increase in my supply!

Order Fennel and Basil now.

                Around the same time as I was trying to increase my supply, a friend of mine began having issues with her supply (she’s also a working mom and was trying desperately to keep up with her son’s demand). I began giving her samples of the oils to try for her supply and she increased her supply to twice what it had been! She later admitted to me that with her first child she gave up nursing because she couldn’t keep up and produce enough milk! This time around she successfully nursed her baby until he was 14 months old and decided he was done on his own!! 

                There’s no doubt in my mind that the oils were a major part of both of our happy nursing endings!

For more information, come by my page and ask me some questions!

Ashleigh Campbell, RN is the author of this article. Contact Ashleigh at or (304)840-8171

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