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Hi! My name is Laura and I am a member of Team Oily Army with Young Living Essential Oils. I currently reside in Oklahoma City and work part time as a nurse, fitness instructor, and Oily Army Team Member. I have been a member of Young Living since August of 2014. My oily journey started when my infant son was constantly fussy due an upset tummy. Between him, my 2.5 year old daughter, and my husband constantly traveling for work, I was desperate for anything that would help. We tried multiple medications prescribed by the Pediatrician, and changing my diet, but nothing helped. I happened upon my friend Dayna’s blog,, and read about how she used Young Living Oils on her kids. I of course emailed her right away. Soon after chatting with her, I ordered my Premium Starter Kit. As soon as the oils arrived on my doorstep, I opened them right away. My son was his normal fussy, gassy self, and within 5 minutes of applying diluted Di-Gize oil to his tummy, he had a bowel movement and had immediate relief! However, I wrote this off as coincidence because there’s no way an oil could do that, right?

A few days later, my daughter had a TERRIBLY sore bottom from her diaper. Nothing helped. I tried every cream, natural remedy, even a prescription from the pediatrician. A friend recommended trying lavender oil, so I applied a few drops. The next morning her bottom was clear! I was hooked after seeing things like this keep happening repeatedly. Naturally everyone started asking “What IS that?” and “What are you putting on your baby?” And thus, my business was born. I am passionate about health and fitness, and finding out about these amazing oils was life changing. I can’t wait to share oils with the rest of the world and help you change your health and wealth. Please contact me with any questions.

I service all of Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon, Piedmont, Midwest City.

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2. Choose member sign-up.

3. Choose Wholesale member.

4. Enter my #1947216 in both the sponsor and enroller ID space.

5. Create your account.

6. Choose Premium Starter Kit.
7. Enroll in Essential Rewards to earn points for FREE oily stuff! Here’s more on Essential Rewards:

8. Check out! Young Living will send you your kit and I will send a Reference Book within 30 days! Contact me once you have ordered.

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