Laura Lewin

by Laura
(Vernon, NY, USA)

Laura Lewin
Young Living Independent Distributor #2412887
Vernon, NY

I am new to essential oils as of January 2015. I was invited to an introductory party from one of my friends and decided I should attend, mostly to find some quiet "mommy" time. I didn't realize this would open my eyes to a healthier lifestyle not only for me but for my whole family.
So what did my husband think when I returned home that day in January, telling him I just purchased a $150 starter kit with Young Living Essential Oils? Well...honestly, he kind of rolled his eyes. It isn't uncommon for me to jump on a random bandwagon going by to see what it’s like. As two examples I have sold jewelry and chocolate in the past 5 years...both I enjoyed doing but I don't like going into others homes to sell things. Therefore I dropped them both.

So here I am with my new premium starter kit with no idea what to really do with them. Luckily for me and anyone who joins the YL family, there are awesome supporters and people open to sharing ideas for what to try and testimonials for what has worked for people. When the kit arrived and we began diffusing the oils my husband said, "Well if nothing else at least our house will smell nice!” I laughed in agreement still not fully understand the benefits it would bring to our family.

Since starting I can say I have become a firm believer in the use of essential oils and I use them frequently for many different things. No, I don't apply them every day like some, actually many do, but I do use them a lot. I have a necklace that I wear and absolutely LOVE, I have 'stress away'. I now make all of my own hand soap, dryer sheets, and soon to be much more. There is an oil for everything…and I mean everything!

My husband and I still joke that I make my own household products but in all reality they are wonderful and cost effective. When one of my boys doesn’t feel good and I can diffuse something I feel like a good mom. Isn't that how all moms want to feel? This is why I decided to share my experiences and these oils…every household should have them!

I also now have a blog that I will include updates and information about my oily journey:

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