Lavender Oil

Lavender in any form is a captivating herb. The scent of a lavender plant or lavender oil can bring back memories or possibly set a mood.  Lavender flowers do not just come in the color of purple. The color ranges from pale lilac to deep purple . The blooms may be pink, red, green and white. Lavender oil comes from the distillation from the flower spikes of certain lavender plants. Young  Living Lavender grows in Utah, Idaho, and France where the dry climate support superb growth.

Lavender stands out in history as the most celebrated and versatile essential oil. It has been used for over 2000 years! Historically, Greeks used it as perfume,   Romans used it for baths and cleansing, Egyptians for incense and Queen Elizabeth I used it in her tea.

  The primary benefits are to:

  1. Support sleep
  2. Cleanse skin irritation
  3. Soothes and relaxes body and mind
  4. Releases body tension and stress.

Young living makes a line of products with the primary ingredient as Lavender. There are also many do-it –yourself products made with this herb. Sunscreen, face cream, body wash, scar cream, air freshener, bug bites and the list is never ending.

Order Lavender now.

We recently took a trip to Maui to the Lavender farms. Although it was not a Young Living farm, it was lavendar. The smell of lavender drifting over the mountains was intoxicating. We could smell the plants for miles before we got to the farms. Because of this trip, it makes me more anxious to see a Young Living lavender farm. It makes me anxious to even think about it.  Oh wait, I have some YL Lavender oil to reduce my stress level. I will be using that until our next visit to a real YL farm!

This article was written by Karen Firsching, learn more about Karen, order some lavender oil or ask her a question by visiting her page HERE.

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