Michelle L.

by Michelle
(Lewisville, TX)

Hi, I’m Michelle from Cozylife and I am a Young Living independent distributor and proud to be a member of Team Oily Army.

I was first introduced to Young Living essential oils years ago when I took a class to learn how to make my own bath salts and soaps. I was impressed with Young Living’s uncompromising commitment to the quality of their therapeutic grade oils. I started using the oils primarily to make my own bath products, along with fresh herbs like rosemary and calendula. But soon I started learning more about essential oils and how to use them topically to support my complete wellness – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The one oil that really made a difference for me was Endoflex, a blend of several oils used to support a healthy endocrine system. It is one of several oils I use every day.

When I bought my Premium Starter Kit I honestly thought I would never use the diffuser. My husband and I are super sensitive to smells and we don’t use scented candles, air fresheners, or anything of that nature. My diffuser sat unused in the box for over a month and during that time my work-related stress was really becoming overwhelming. One day I decided to break open my diffuser and use one of the oils in my starter kit – Stress Away. I was amazed and shocked by two things – first, diffusing a quality grade essential oil is nothing at all like spritzing or plugging in some kind of heavily perfumed air freshener, you only need a few drops and the smell is light and subtle; secondly, diffusing essential oils is a highly effective way to receive the benefits of the oils. Once I started diffusing Stress Away, it made a big difference in my ability to maintain a level of calm and manage all the craziness from my job.

Once I was really experiencing all the ways that essential oils could support me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle, I felt like I needed to share these oils with everyone I know. Essential oils are a key piece of what I use to bring my life into balance along with daily gratitude, yoga, and healthy eating. If you are ready to start your journey to wellness, please reach out to me via email or phone 469.248.5422 or visit my website. Cozylife

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Signing up is easy and I would love to help you get started. Please PM me or comment or
1. Go to youngliving.com
2. Choose member sign-up.
3. Choose Wholesale member.
4. Enter my # 2746215 in both the sponsor and enroller ID space.
5. Create your account.
6. Choose Premium Starter Kit.
7. Check out! Young Living will send you your kit and I will send a reference book within 30 days! Contact me once you have ordered.

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