Plan Your Day

by Liz

Hey guys, it’s Liz with Oily Army. Today’s tip: How to Plan Your Day.

Okay, today’s tip is to plan your day out on paper. Plan it on paper or use an app to plan your day and pick the exact same time every single day to plan your day out. What I do is I have the top goal that I have for my week and I need to pick three tasks that are going to help me achieve that top goal. Then if I have any sub goals I’ll have tasks with that. Try not to give yourself too many tasks for one day because then you’d get overwhelmed and maybe not do any of them so start with your top three. Then maybe have a list of maybes for the day.

I have a today list, I have a this week list, I have a this quarter list and I have a this year list. I’m constantly working out those lists. I use an app on my phone called 'Awesome Note' and that’s how I organize my list for the day. My productivity has just gone through the roof since I started using this app. Before the app I used a paper planner like this like you could see. You can this that I have hundreds of pages in here of to-do list that I used before I used the app. I’m a pen and paper girl too let me tell you I love my pen and paper . How much time are you spending looking for this?

That really impacted me big time. I took Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Push and she suggested we move from pen and paper to the app. The reason is and it totally sank in with me. I spend a lot of time looking for this and with it when you put it on an app you can look at it multiple times a day. It keeps your to-do list right in front of you, you can check things off as you go. I’ve been doing this for a month now and my productivity has just gone through the roof.

You can do it on pen and paper but consider using an app too just for maybe your top three of four things that you’d really need to get done. Consider doing the 30 Day Push by Chalene Johnson it takes 10 minutes a day, super-duper easy and it really helps. This is not an original idea from me but planning your day out on paper is super important. Plan your day, plan your week, plan your quarter or your month and plan your year. Break it down into manageable steps because if you have a goal and you don’t have a plan to help execute that goal, it’s just like that graphic I showed you, it’s just a wish.

Plan your day out on paper or plan it out on app. Take the same time every day, pick your top three goals and get them done and crush it.

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