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 I am a mostly at home mom.  Supposedly, this is the new version of the stay at home mom.  Whatever that means... I am one of them! 

That means the majority of my work day is spent wrangling cute people. 

That means that the moment I wake up in the morning, I am at work- morning breath and jammies and all.  I have two very cute, very loud little alarm clocks, and, as my moose jammies say, 'I don't do mornings.' 

That also means another part of my work day is spent doing income-bringing work.  At first, I started with a little part time job from which I quickly had to resign because my child care fell through.  That was heart-breaking, and discouraging, because my husband and I had figured out our budget, figuring in my half-time income.  Then I was blessed to find a part-time music teaching job for which I can choose my own hours.  (Amazing!) After about a year, I learned that the part of my teaching job that I enjoyed the most was the part in which I got to connect and support other moms with young children. 

I remember being a brand new mom, occasionally feeling guilty that I had to pee.  Normal people don't feel guilty when they have to relieve themselves, so why would a mom?  Because that required me to put my baby down which, in turn, would result in him crying.  I was so thankful for the people who came alongside me and spoke truth into my life, saying it was OK to pee.  I have progressed to having several little side-businesses that are all, at the heart, intended to support moms with young children.  I always want to provide them with a community in which they can ask questions, learn helpful tips and tricks for parenting and make good decisions which benefit their little ones.  Decisions which ultimately make them feel loved, valued and educated.  To make a long story longer, this was all inspired by a trip to Asia I took in 2004 during which I learned about human trafficking and the horrors of what happens to children who are not loved, valued and educated. 

            So now I my work week looks like a giant puzzle, with the big piece being raising-two-boys.  I'd like to tell you about my newest puzzle piece; the Oily puzzle piece.  My friend shared with me one day about Essential Oils, and when I learned about them, I wanted to try them.  Within three months, I was using oils to help my family be well, and excited to share this secret with other moms.  In April, I kicked off my oil business by hosting a class at my house, and have not looked back.  Since then, I have not paid for any of my oils... my business has paid for them all!  (Bonus!)

            At first, when I said I wanted to build my own reliable work at home business, I was nervous that I would be creating a lot of chaos in my life which I did not reap any benefits.  I pictured myself trying to respond to emails while my children fussed at my feet and felt neglected.  I pictured myself desperately trying to convince people of something with my financial well being hanging in the balance.  Fortunately... I knew nothing about building an oil business!  First of all, with the support of my husband, I have done almost all of my work at a fussing-free, quiet coffee shop, or in the peace of my own post-kid-bedtime home.  What a gift!  Peace and quiet and independence.  Who knew that was possible after having children?!  Every minute of building my oil business has been completely chaos-free. 


  My second fear was obliterated when I learned that I don't have to convince anyone of anything.  Why?  Because oils work.  OILS WORK!  I just have to share about them.  I have also been surprised by who I have gotten to connect with as I've started sharing about oils.  I have been connected with a relative with whom I had never connected before, been reconnected with old friends from high school, people who live in my hometown, long distance friends from college, and ladies from my church!  I never would have imagined that building my oil business would have blessed me by fostering so many relationships.

          A great thing about Young Living is that it has a network marketing business model.  What does that mean?  That means that those relationships don't 'go away.'  In a network marketing model, you always have access to the person who helped you sign up, and all of the people on their team.  You know what else that means?  More relationship building.  When I signed up as a wholesale member, I got 24% discount on everything I bought from Young Living- which was great!  However, I had no idea I would also be joining a great team, making friends, earning income and having fun.      

     Having fun?  Are you allowed to have fun at your part-time side job?  I don't know... but I am!  I am thankful to have a home based business website on (thank you, Liz!)  It was a good place for me to start to share my story.  I am excited to see where it goes!  Will you be on my team?  With home business on the rise, it could be your turn next!  Do you have something about which you are passionate?  I hope so!  See how Young Living might fit into your life.  Please contact me if you have questions, are interested in trying oils and/or building your own Young Living business. 


This article was written by Team Oily Army member Sarah Hendricks, check out her page by clicking here.

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