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by Stephanie

Stephanie Ebert
Stephenville, TX


My oil story:

My name is Steph Ebert, and I’ve been married to David for just about three years. I was born and raised in South Africa, and I met my husband while going to college in Indiana. We got married on the beach of Lake Michigan and moved to South Africa for three years to work with a community development organization called iThemba Projects. Now, we’re back in the States while my husband completes his masters in data mining at Tarleton State, and I continue to work part-time online for iThemba.

My husband and I are concerned about living in a way that is healthy for ourselves but also for the environment. We don’t like the amount of toxins that come from producing and selling cleaning products – they hurt the environment and they’re not that great for our bodies, either!

For a wedding present, my sister-in-law gave me a bunch of DIY soap and cleaner recipes for our home. We were hooked. We like the simplicity of making our own products rather than purchasing them, and we love that it’s better for ourselves and the environment. Many of these recipes recommend using essential oils, and so I started out with common essential oils you find in the pharmacy, like lavender and tea-tree oil.

Through using these, I started doing more research on essential oils, and learning about how they don’t just make your soaps/cleaners smell nice—high quality essential oils (like Young Living) retain the health benefits that are found in the original plants. This meant, for example, that our hand soap could get rid of germs naturally by including certain essential oils.

When my cousin told me about Young Living, and introduced me to their high quality standard that comes from their Seed to Seal promise, we were excited to try them out.

While we are just starting out on our Young Living journey, already we have been impressed with the products we have used. I love making my own handsoap with Thieves, and use my Thieves spray for wiping down everything from counters to sticky hands. Diffusing lavender and peppermint makes our home smell peaceful and amazing. And when winter sniffles come, my husband loves using R.C. I also put lemon in our home-made dish soap, for it’s grease-cutting power. And I can’t get enough of my home-made (and chemical free!) bodywash made with coconut oil and Young Living lime citrus oil! A splash of orange or “Stress Away” helps keep me in a positive mood.
I’m very excited to explore the benefits of essential oils in all areas of life for our overall health and wellness.

Areas I serve: Stephenville, Grandbury, Midlothian, Weatherford, Lingleville, DFW Texas. Or, connect with me online. 

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