Stop using Essential Oils VLOG post

by Liz

Stop Using Essential Oils

Stop Using Essential Oils

For real.... Js

Transcript from the video:
Good afternoon, everybody. Happy Friday. Liz Pevytoe here. My title is "Stop Using Essential Oils." Yep, I'm going to go there. Hear me out.

Still love my essential oils, but let's talk about this for a second, because this stems from a conversation I had with a member yesterday, and she said, "I'm just not that into oils. I just can't get into oils." My response to her is, "You know what? You're right. Essential oils are not for everyone, and let me explain."

Let me start by asking you this question. Are you needing to use essential oils frequently to support a body system? For example, are you needing to use essential oils every single night to help you get a restful night's sleep? If your answer is yes, then you're missing the point. Or you're missing the mark. Are you needing to use essential oils frequently to support your respiratory system, like in the diffuser at night to help you have a good restful night's sleep? If so, you're missing the mark.

What do I mean by this? I mean that if you're constantly having to pull out your reference guide, and you're constantly looking up different issues that you're having, and saying, "Okay, what can I use for this? What can I use for that?" If that's a daily thing that you're needing to do, then you're missing the mark.

Let's talk about what do I mean by "you're missing the mark." I mean that you are using your essential oils as a first aid kit, and that is not at all what essential oils are designed for. Yes, they can be used for those kind of issues. I'm not saying they can't, but what I'm saying is, essential oils, plants, were designed to help us strengthen and improve our overall wellness.

Let me give you an example. When I first became a Young Living member, I was using lavender and cedarwood oil in my diffuser and in a rollerball every single night to help me get a restful night's sleep. But, I began to do some research to figure out why. Why was I not getting a restful night's sleep? I discovered that personally, I had what's called adrenal fatigue. I began to address my adrenal fatigue. I addressed it with some supplements. I addressed it with a change in my routine. There's quite a few things. Some that were Young Living products. Some were not Young Living products. However, once I addressed my adrenal fatigue and kept my adrenals healthy, guess what guys? I don't need my lavender and cedarwood to help me sleep at night anymore.

My challenge for you is to don't use your oils as first aid kits. Don't treat them like you would a pharmaceutical. These are not pharmaceuticals, guys. What you need to do is do a little bit of research, ask your body why.

Let's talk about the respiratory system, because so many people love their RC. They love their RC. They gotta carry it with them and have that rollerball with them at all times. But my question is, "Why are you needing to use RC every day, or several times a week?" Why?

The answer to that usually lies in chemicals. If you have not detoxed your home, if you're still putting on perfume, if you're still using shampoo, you haven't done any research to see if your shampoo has respiratory side effects to it, because of some of the chemicals in it, if you haven't looked into your deodorant, if you haven't checked out your makeup, if you haven't looked at your toothpaste, guys, think about it. If you're still using Clorox to clean your kitchen, or Windex to clean your windows, seriously, those have known impact on our respiratory systems.

You have to build the foundation of health first. First, guys. And Young Living does an excellent job of providing us with products that can help us do that. We could do chemical free products in our home, chemical free personal care products. We have amazing supplements. Go back to sleep. I know I'm bouncing around here, there, and everywhere, but are you taking a great multi-vitamin? Are you getting plenty of minerals? All these issues need to be addressed.

Don't just throw oils at a problem or a challenge that you're having, because if you don't ever deal with the underlying issue, then you're going to have to keep using oils just like you would an over-the-counter medication or a prescription medication. And what's the benefit of that? We want to get ourselves so healthy and so strong, our immune systems and all of our systems in our body. Our goal is to get them so healthy that we actually, guess what, we don't even need our oils. Yeah, that's what I'm saying.

Here is my-

Hi Debra, thanks for joining.

Here is my gift to you guys. I don't care if you're on my team, or you're not on my team. If you are completely lost, and you are using an oil to support any system of your body more frequently than once a day, or even every day, like for sleep, and you don't know what to do, private message me. I will give you a free consultation, and we'll talk about strengthening your overall wellness.

Remember, foundations, guys. We want to detox our homes. We want to get on great supplements. We want to heal our guts and eat healthy. We want to be fit. And we want to have good mental health. Put all those things together, and you're not going to be in rescue mode quite as much.

I hope that made sense. My challenge for you is to stop using essential oils like pharmaceuticals. Stop using essential oils like pharmaceuticals. Okay? Our goal is to strengthen our overall wellness. Okay guys?

I hope you enjoyed this. Please share this far and wide. I want people to shift our mindset. Shift it. Shift it from using our oils like first aid items. Okay?

All right, guys. I hope you enjoyed this. Bye-bye.

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