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Using Essentail Oils AND the law of attraction 
Watch my video on how I use the combination of essential oils and the law of attraction to manifest my goals.

Lavender lotion by Young Living 
Have you tried this lotion? If so, please comment below with what you think of it.

Jade Lemon oil 
Have you tried Jade Lemon yet? What did you think?

What are you reading? Not rated yet
Hey guys, it's Liz with I am a registered nurse and a network marketing professional. Today's topic is, "Are you feeling stuck?" …

Plan Your Day Not rated yet
Hey guys, it’s Liz with Oily Army. Today’s tip: How to Plan Your Day. Okay, today’s tip is to plan your day out on paper. Plan it on paper …

12 things a mom can do with a Young Living Premium Starter Kit Not rated yet
12 things a mom can do with a Young Living premium starter kit 1. Treat herself to yummy lemon vitality water 2. Take a relaxing bath with lavender …

Winter Wellness Not rated yet
Don't wait until you are sick to look into essential oils. The best thing to do is to support a healthy immune system so you don't GET sick. Free …

Unboxing the New Premium Starter Kit Not rated yet
Unboxing the new kit Starter Kit Unboxing from Young Living on Vimeo .

4 great apps for essential oils business builders Not rated yet
Here are 4 apps that I use to help me build my essential oils business

Marketing tote for oilers Not rated yet
This is a photo tote that I use in place of a purse. Great conversation starter when you are out and about running errands.

OOLA oils: Finance, Fitness and Fun Not rated yet
What is your favorite OOLA oil?

OOLA oils: Faith, Family and Field Not rated yet
Love the Oola oils. What is your favorite?

Support your immune system with Thieves products Not rated yet
Thieves, works so good and smells even better.

Sheerlume by Young Living Not rated yet
I really want to try this product. Have you? If so, I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

Sensation oil from Young Living Not rated yet

Mindwise from Young Living Not rated yet
I need to buy some of this for my parents.

I've got the Joy down in my heart Not rated yet
I've got the JOY JOY JOY JOY down in my heart.

The perfect oily guy Not rated yet
if only

Show your brain some OILY love Not rated yet
My brain loves Frank :)

Tame the dragon with Dragon Time oil Not rated yet
Yep, sometimes we just need a dragon slayer.

Clothespin diffuser Not rated yet
Super inexpensive way to diffuse essential oils in your car. Simply clip to your air vent, drop a couple of drops of oil on the wooden parts and voila! …

Great pick me up blend for your diffuser Not rated yet
What a cheery pick me up blend for diffusing during the day! What is your favorite essential oil to diffuse?

Click here to write your own.

Build your Dream oil Not rated yet
What dreams do you want to build? For more information about this oil, comment below.

Muscle love Not rated yet
Oh how my muscles love this stuff. Comment below if you want to learn more about this amazing oil.

Stinky dog Not rated yet
Do you have a stinky dog or.....

Video: How to use a Young Living diffuser Not rated yet
Team member Claire shows us how to set up and use a Young Living diffuser

Release Oil, helps this momma LET IT GO Not rated yet
In the last few months of working in the hospital, I found myself feeling very frustrated. This oil was in my pocket at all times and just pulling it out …

Gentle Baby oil by Young Living, every mommas favorite Not rated yet
This momma loves her Gentle Baby oil and I do not even have little babies. I use it myself and I am 42! I love adding it to my bath water (infused in epsom …

Thyromin by Young Living Not rated yet
I take this supplement every night before bed. From the Young Living site: Thyromin™ is a special blend of porcine glandular extracts, herbs, amino …

Cedarwood Essential oil time to go night night Not rated yet
We use this oil every night at our house and it's snoozeville. Want to buy some Cedarwood essential oil? click here

Magnify Your Purpose oil great for this WAHM Not rated yet
I love this oil. It smells amazing and helps keep me focused when I am working from home. Ingredients Santalum paniculatum† (Royal Hawaiian™ sandalwood) …

Orange essential oil oh how I love thee Not rated yet
Orange oil, smells heavenly. Seriously. So wonderful. We diffuse it a lot at our house. Uplifts our moods quickly. Want to order some orange oil? …

Digestive Enzymes, do you need them? Not rated yet
I never ever leave home without my digestive enzymes. I use to dread the hours after every meal, but not anymore. From the Young Living website: Essentialzyme™ …

Young Living Deodorant Not rated yet
Young Living offers several options for deodorant. They offer two ready made options. I have been using them with great results for over 6 months. I …

Endoflex oil by Young Living Not rated yet
I use this oil every day. From the Young Living Site: EndoFlex™ can help you maintain overall vitality with a proprietary blend of essential oils that …

Cortistop no more nap for momma Not rated yet
I love this stuff. I no longer need a nap everyday. From the Young Living site: CortiStop® Women's is a proprietary dietary supplement designed …

Quick Safety Tips for Essential Oils Not rated yet
Young Living essential oils are very concentrated so you can dilute them with a fatty carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. This is especially wise for …

Balancing 5 key areas of your life with Essential Oils Not rated yet
Are you balanced? What are you doing daily to balance these 5 areas? 1) Spirit : worship? meditation? relaxation? 2) Home: organized? clean? maintained? …

No more stinky shoes or kids Not rated yet
Let's face it: kids stink. Well, all of their stuff stinks. Shoes, yuck. Athletic gear, yuck. Clothes on their bedroom floor, yuck. Purification to …

Energy Drinks are Nasty Not rated yet
Most energy drinks on the retail market are nasty. Plain and simple. Full of sugar and dyes. YUCK. Young Living has NINGXIA NITRO, you should give it …

Need some FUN in your life? Not rated yet
Need some fun in your life? Try this essential oil to perk you up and inspire you to have fun. Seriously, give it a try. Ingredients: Caprylic/capric …

AromaSiez Essential Oil Not rated yet
Oh how my muscles love this oil. Being a nurse for 20 years takes it's toll on ones body and this soothes my tired neck within minutes. LOVE it. Ingredients: …

Frankincense Essential Oil Not rated yet
This is my favorite essential oil. So uplifting and spiritual. It was a gift given to baby Jesus. Come on, who wouldn't want some of this oil? Watch …

AromaEase essential oil Not rated yet
I no longer dread long car rides thanks to this oil. It's a blend of Mentha piperita† (Peppermint) oil, Mentha spicata† (Spearmint) leaf extract, Zingiber …

3 unique Fathers Day gift ideas Not rated yet
My husband never wears ties so that is out of the question. We usually bake him something yummy and then freak out over thinking of something unique to …

More Compliant Young Living Graphics Not rated yet
Here are a few more.

Click here to write your own.

Compliant Graphics for Young Living  Not rated yet
Looking for some compliant graphics? Here are a few. Check out our event going on right now on OILY ARMY page on Facebook, we are sharing compliant …

You might be be OILY if Not rated yet
You know you are Oily (essential oils that is) when...... - You panic when you realize you left your lavender at home -There's no room in your purse …

3 meal replacement shake options from Young Living Not rated yet
Young Living has 3 options for meal replacement shakes, depending on your needs. Pure Protein Complete: From the Young Living Website "Pure Protein …

Need more fiber in your diet Not rated yet
We all need to poop everyday. Yes, I said it. One way to help yourself eliminate more regularly is to increase fiber. From the Young Living website: …

Probiotics: who needs them? Not rated yet
From the Young Living site: "A high-potency probiotic, Life 5™ represents the culmination of years of extensive research. Life 5 builds and restores core …

Digize oil supports healthy digestion Not rated yet
We have all heard of using peppermint and ginger to support healthy digestion. Well, Young Living came up with a blend to support healthy digestion. And …

Ginger oil supports healthy digestion Not rated yet
Ginger has been used for centuries for digestion issues. I remember drinking ginger ale as kid when I was sick. Too bad it was probably artificially flavored …

Peppermint Essential Oil supports digestive health Not rated yet
Looking for an essential oil to support your digestive health? Peppermint oil is one to consider. From the Young Living site: " Peppermint (Mentha …

Need more minerals in your diet? Not rated yet
The standard american diet of fast food is highly deficient in the minerals our bodies need to function at optimal wellness. We should all consider a …

KidsScents MighyVites an amazing kids multivitamin  Not rated yet
Looking for a great vitamin and mineral supplement for your child? Young Living offers a great option in their Kidscents MightyVites. From Young Living's …

Whole Food Multivitamin Not rated yet
If your diet is lacking a great quality food based vitamin should be considered. True Source is an amazing product from Young Living. From the Young …

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