the law of attraction tips

The Law of Attraction tips

I am going to be honest, the law of attraction sounded like hokus pokus when I first heard of it. Then I watched the move THE SECRET and my perspective changed. My world changed right along with my thoughts and habits.

Have you heard the saying “you become what you think about most of the time” or “thoughts become beliefs and beliefs become action”. This is so true.   So, stop sitting around worrying and start proclaiming your goals into reality.

Here are a few law of attraction tips:

Write it down

 Write it down.  Write down your goals in the following way . Start with I AM.  I am is a powerful message to the subconscious.  Example  I am happy earning $10,000 per month.   Present tense is very important.

Imagine your Dream life

    Think about what that goal will enable you to feel.  The FEELING is the key.  You may have a goal of earning $10,000 per month. But the thought may make you anxious. That will not work. So, instead think about what you will be able to provide for yourself and your family with that 10k/month.  Think about the house, the car, the pool, the vacation. Whatever makes you the most excited and harness that excitement.   At least once a day spend time dreaming of that house, that car or whatever. See yourself lounging on the back porch, drinking a glass of wine, the sounds of the birds chirping.  Don’t question it, just do it!

Have an attitude of gratitude

   Be thankful.  The universe responds to humility.  Spend time every single day being thankful for what you have. See the blessings and acknowledge them all around you.  This simple act of gratefulness will change your attitude and help you


Once you have set your sites on a goal, you must act. Begin working towards that goal. Once you decide, you will begin to have great ideas  on how to achieve it. You will begin to attract opportunities to make it happen. But you must act. You cannot sit on your couch surfing social media sites expecting to manifest your goal.

About the Author

Liz Pevytoe is the founder of Team Oily Army, Young Living essential oils team.  She spent 20 years in the medical field as a registered nurse before realizing she would never fulfill her financial dreams working her nursing shifts.  She used the network marketing model and the law of attraction to catapult her into out-earning her nursing wage in just one year of business building.  Learn more about Liz by clicking here. 

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