Traveling with Essential Oils

by Liz

Are you wondering how to travel with essential oils, especially fly? This video should help you.

Transcript from the video:
Hey, guys, Liz Pevytoe here. I wanted to give two very, very quick tips for traveling with essential oils. Really, really, really quickly when you're traveling with oils, the TSA, not the FDA, the TSA does consider essential oils your medicines so you are allowed to board with your oils. Let me show you how you need to package them. Very simple. Whatever you can pretty much fit into a quart size Ziploc bag is okie dokie. As you can see, I've got some spray bottles in here like my perfume. I either have a spray bottle of Thieves in here, my roller balls, essential oils so that is perfectly, perfectly acceptable. As long as they can see everything in there, they are good with that. Second tip is don't show up with a baggie full of white powder. Don't do that. Your oils are okay.

Don't do that. It's protein complete. They're not going to believe you. You're going to have to go get the pat down and probably walk through a full body X-ray machine so don't try to take your white powder in a baggie. Come on now, guys. Don't do that. You can check it, but it'd probably be best to leave it in its original container even in your baggage. Just a random thought there. You can take your stuff in a baggie, quart size Ziploc, perfectly fine as long as it's under ... I think it's 3 or 3 and a 1/2 ounces. Tip number two, don't show up with a baggie of white powder which you're saying your 00:01:57 protein complete but don't risk it. The reason I'm shooting this video is because tomorrow I leave for Young Living's convention.

If you are not able to go to Young Living's convention, we have an event page so please follow us on our event page. We are going to be sharing videos, and pictures, and all of our experiences so I'll post the link to that event down below. All right, guys. Bye-bye. Hope this was helpful.

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