Turkish Delight recipe with essential oils

by Liz

My daughter shares her recipe for making turkish delight with essential oils.

Transcript of video:
Hello guys. It is Abby. Today I'm telling you the recipe for the best, easy Turkish delight from Narnia because I am going to be reading Narnia. I thought in honor of reading it I should make Turkish delight. This recipe is super, super, super, super easy. This actually recipe is for the microwave. What? What? Yes. So easy. I have my little piece of paper here because I do not want to forget anything because this is literally so good. This is little gummies. With powder sugar and lemon. It's really good. What you will need is three cups of water, two cups of normal sugar, white sugar, four tablespoons of gelatin, one and a half cups of confectioners sugar, one fourth teaspoon of cream of charter, one half cups of corn starch, and ten drops of your choice of essential oil. The usual flavoring is rose. If you have rose essential oil, then u can use that. But you can use any essential oil. The second most popular is lemon. I use lemon and it's really good. Here's the method. Sorry.

The method is the three cups of water. You need a big microwave safe bowl. Three cups of water, two cups of normal white sugar, and then your four tablespoons of gelatin. This is about four and a half little packages of gelatin but I measured it all out. It's just estimating. Sorry about that bird. It's loud. Then you're going to pop it in the microwave for six to seven minutes. It depends on your microwave. My microwave is super hot. I only had to microwave it for six minutes. That's just going to completely melt all the sugar and the gelatin combined together. It's inaudible 02:39. Then after that you're going to add your confectioner sugar, cream of charter and corn starch. After that, oh wait. Sorry. Just remembered. You're going to start pop it back in the microwave for like five to seven minutes. Just keep an eye on it so it doesn't bubble over because you don't want that. Then you're going to take it out and then add confectioner sugar, cream of charter, and corn starch. Then you're going to add your essential oil after you pop it back in the microwave for about five minutes.

I know this is a long process but it's even longer if you do it on the stove top and it's really hard to do it. This is super easy. After that, you put about ten drops of essential oil. I would suggest either tasting it or just smelling it because you might need less, you might need more, you never know. I actually ... you might need less or more with the rose oil. This is what it looks like. I don't even know if you guys can tell what it looks like without the ... what is this even called? Powder sugar. There we go. After, you're going to just toss it after you set it over night or for a couple of hours. I set it over night. I let it sit out so it's easier to cut. That's pretty much it. It's super delicious and easy to make. Please comment down below more DIYs or recipes that you would like me to do. I hope you guys have an amazing week. Bye guys.

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