Why I chose Young Living
for my family

Why I chose Young Living for my family....

You are likely reading this because you are trying to decide if the expense is really worth it for Young Living essential oils? Yes they are. But let me explain why.

All oils are not created equal. A manufacturer can legally label a supplement PURE with only 5% of the actual ingredient being present. The other 95% can legally be chemicals, synthetics and fillers of other kinds. This is boggling to my mind.  And this is why it is UBER important for you to have confidence in the brand you are buying. That the company has integrity in bringing a quality product to it's customers.

That is where Young Living shines. Young Living employs what they call the Seed to Seal promise. You can learn more about it at their website seedtoseal.com. In a nutshell, they are very particular about every step of the process. From choosing the seed, to making sure the soil is fertile, not using any chemicals on the plants, even distilling at the perfect temperature for that particular plant.

Is it worth the expense?

Next let's take cost into consideration. Manufacturers usually make around 25% of what a product is sold for retail. Do you really think a manufacturer can make a quality oil for under $2-3? That is roughly what they would be making on a $10 bottle of oil that is being sold retail. And they need a profit too.

What about the network marketing model?

Isn't Young Living a scam?  Network marketing is a legal business model. It is simply a choice by the manufacturer to pay it's customers to market the product instead of going the retail route and paying salesmen to do the same job.  In a legal network marketing model, the distributor is a product user as well, buying products every month.   Young Living is the fastest growing network marketing company in the world as of 2015.

In summary, yes, there are other quality products on the market. Not a lot, but a few. Do your research before you apply any oil to someone you love.

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