Work from home online

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is......

Make money today. No investment. From your smartphone. Your dog can do it.  You don’t even need to be breathing.  Ok, I exaggerate a bit but that is what it sounds like to me.

I've tried a lot of scams, trusting people at their word and I got duped. Email processing - fail. Surveys -fail.  Free signup, $1 signup, first 3 people, no 20 people, blah blah blah.

Truth is, you have three legitimate income choices to earn money from home.

a)      Get a JOB, work for someone else, building their business

b)      Start your own business, begin to make a profit  (if you succeed) in an average of 3 years from your start up date. Bake cakes, clean houses etc.

c)       Start a network marketing business and begin earning a  profit quickly, if you are willing to follow the model.

I’ve done all three. I was a registered nurse for 20 years. Well, theoretically I am still an RN but I am no longer practicing. I spent 20 years bettering my skillset, making the hospitals I worked for look great. When I “retired” in early 2015, I was earning the same hourly wage that I made 10 years ago. 

Back in 2005, after the birth of my second child I decided to open my own private practice as a lactation consultant. I worked 7 days a week, going to homes for visits, answering calls close to 24 hours a day, building a website, running support groups and being on call 24/7.   I was making $125 per visit which sounds great, but after expenses, not so great. Then if you factored in my hours, it was terrible.  I went back to work at the hospital.

Then in early 2014, I bought an essential oils kit. After falling in love with the oils, I began telling my friends about them. I had a few people buy kits under me and I began earning commission checks. After a few months I decided to take a business building class to see what it was all about. That night on April 29, 2014, I realized I would never achieve my financial dreams working as a nurse. I  decided to launch my network marketing business and I did, the next day.  8 months later I turned in my notice at the hospital  to work my network marketing job full time. I was able to replace my nursing  wage in just 8 months!  Want to learn more about oils? Click here.

What do I do exactly?

I share essential oils with others and show them how to share oils with others.  That is why it is called network marketing because you build a NETWORK.   Yes, it is work.  It’s not easy but it’s not hard either. You must be willing to treat it like a business or you will fail.   Want to learn more about essential oils? Take my free class.

My tips for finding a scam free network marketing opportunity:

1.       Find a product you LOVE and that works. It will sell it itself, you just need to share.

2.       Find a company that has integrity and a proven track record of success.

3.       Find a sponsor who is fully engaged in business building.

4.       Walk away if it sounds too good to be true (there is no such thing as get rich quick).

5.       Follow your instincts.

Are You passionate about health and wellness?  Me too!  I’d love to have you on my team.  Contact me today so you can get started building your own business.

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