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Are you a Young Living business builder and feel a bit lost? I'm here to help. I'm going to share my top business building tips that have helped me get to SILVER in 9 months and maintain it for the past 2 years.

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What to say?

My top tip is to learn what to say to people. Selling is a skill. I don't care how many people say this is "sharing", it is selling.

My top two favorite resources to help you learn what to say are:

1. Dani Johnson's scriptbooks. Click here.   (seriously, every network marketer needs these. They help you know what to say and how to overcome objections with confidence)

2. "How to prospect, sell and build your network marketing business with Stories" by Big Al Schreiter  click here.

Social Media

I have chosen to build my business primarily on social media. I am an introvert and am not interested in hosting in home parties. EVER. PERIOD.

But there is a certain level of skill required to make this happen.  It is all about relationship so the platforms that I use require some practice to get it right.

  • Facebook LIVES are the bomb diggity when it comes to building trust.  Take this FREE course on going live on facebook. Although I had already done 100+ facebook lives when I took this course, it was chock full of helpful tips.
  • Instagram is visual but are you putting out the right material to attract your tribe? Here is another free course on building your instagram. I gained 100 followers and 15 new leads within 24 hours of taking this course.
  • Snapchat, it's not just for kids.  Click here for this free course.

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I offer a business  bootcamp about every 4 months.

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